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dimanche 30 septembre 2007


Credits :
Paper from "Dare To Be" by Lauren Reid (here)
Frames from "Fall Twiggy Frames" by Carol Abram (here)
Flower from "Designer Spotlight Freebie" by Sue Cummings (here)
Orange flower from "Childs Play" by Traci Sims
Silk flower from "Zesty" by Bernadette Hunt (here)
Orange ribbon from "Dare To Be" by Stacie Prinzo (here)
Flower ribbon from "Twinkle Toes" by Miss Mint (here)
Half bow from "BeRibbow" by Lie Fhung (here)
Ring Ribbon from "Ring Ribbons Add-On" by Mira Designs (here)
Yellow stitches from "Kit Fernando" by Jill & Jack Scrapdesigns (here)
Star from "September Blog Freebie" by Sausan Designs (here)
Little stars from "Kit PassidOO" by Val (here)
Tag from "Freebie Kili" by Claudia Nippgen (here)
Quote from "Freebie Challenge #1" by Gina Marie Huff (here)
Doodle from "A Touch of Bling Add-On" by Magdalena Marthin (here)
Doodle from "Kit Douceur" by Amelie Scrap (here)
Happiness swirl from "Fun in the Sun" by Julie Major (here)
Stamp Precious Memory from "In Memory Of Miles" by Jessica Bolton (here)
Staple from "Unadorned Freebie" by ksharonkdesigns (here)

samedi 22 septembre 2007

Ma princesse

Credits :
"Template 6" by Yin (here)
Border and green glitter line from "Dare To Be" by Emily Merritt (here)
Yellow and pink button-flowers from "Dare To Be" by Kate Hadfield (here)
Pink graph paper from "Dare To Be" by Stacie Prinzo (here)
Buttons from "Watercolor Buttons" by BrenBoone (here)
Star from "Pink Paradise" by Amelie Scrap (here)
Clothes pin from "Grab Bag" by Coralee Evans (here)
Track from "Cheep Cheep Lil Bird" by Denise Liemert (here)
Stars from "Gwendoline" by Charlie54 Design (here)
Birdie and folded paper from "Free Surprise" by Danielle Corbitt (here)
Backward staple and stitched star from "Little Rascal" by Danielle Corbitt (here)
Butterflies and flowers from "Feutrine" by Myo (here)
Flowers from "Gum's #4" by Dnadryad (here)
"Candy Rhinestones" by Sugarplum Paperie Digital Design (here)

jeudi 13 septembre 2007

La magie continue

cliquez pour une vue plus large

Credits :
"Torn Papers Templates" by Redju (here)
"Celebrate" by Digitreats (here)

mercredi 12 septembre 2007


Credits :
Shabby overlay from "Vintage Florals" by Shabby Princess (here)
Dots paper from "Urban Kiwi" by Shabby Princess (here)
Paper stripe and button from "American Dogwood" by Sarah Bardorf (here)
Notepaper from "Good Morning Sunshine" by Majula Designs (here)
Blue paper from "Scrap Artist - In Vogue" by Lauren Reid
Stitches from "Stitching" by Natali (here)
Stitchround from "Scrapladies - Designer Kit" by Sunflowers99 (here)
Swirls doodle from "My First Flowers" by Verena Karolyi (here)
Tag doodle from "Set Doodle 2" by Bettytiscrap (here)
Tag 100% fille from "Kit Denim" by Miss Vivi (here)
Cardboard tag from "Flores" by Lively (here)
Pink flower from "DigiScrap 4 All Freebie" by Vir Brandi (here)
Green flower from "Grape Freebie" by Graziela Mendes (here)
Flowers cluster from "Clip Me Clusters" by Cherie Shields (here)
Frame from "Little Dreamer Designs - Newsletter Freebie" by Lori Barnhurst
Green bow by Jeany's Design
Raffia bow from "Dive Into Summer" by Marys Scrapgalerie (here)
Clip from "Day Trip freebie" by ksharonkdesigns (here)
Paperclip from "Eat Your Greenz Freebie" by ksharonkdesigns (here)
Star from "Starz'N Stripes(Pink'n Blue)" by Kristine Pocock / Wenchd Grafix

mardi 11 septembre 2007

Digidare #52

Credits :
Paper and elements from "Grunge City Freebie", "Celebrate Freebie", "Boy Basics Freebie", "Flirty Freebie", "Lil Sweetie Freebie", "Bubba Boy Freebie" by ksharonkdesigns (here)

samedi 8 septembre 2007


Credits :
Scraplifted from Zwyck's "Sweet" layout
Paper from "Sample" by Andrea Burns (here)
Frame by Victoria Stegall
Tag from "Key Ring Tags" by LemonaidLucy (here)
Cardboard and papernote from "Family Love" by Sliva (here)
Doodle and swirl from "100% nature" by Marys Scrapgalerie (here)
Stitches from "Funny Stitches" by Natali (here)

vendredi 7 septembre 2007


Credits :
Template by Yin (here)

lundi 3 septembre 2007


Credits :
Frame by Victoria Stegall

samedi 1 septembre 2007


Credits :
"Funky Floral Freebie" by Leah Riordan (here)
Stitching by Natali (here)